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Embark on a journey of adventure and creativity! Traya combines the scope of a sandbox with the depth of a roleplaying game, immersing players in a procedurally generated world where teetering towers and deep dungeons promise rich rewards. Designed with creative players in mind, Traya's engine supports everything from block-by-block castle construction to scripting and customization delivered using easy to use and powerful tools.

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Server Update (9/21/20)

Hello everyone! This will likely be one of the last updates before the Halloween Events go live next week on the 28th! I wanted to get some more bug fixes in there for you guys before the events begin.


Halloween Sets

  • There are two different Halloween Sets available in the donator store as a sort of an early access type deal. You can pick the purple glowing one that comes with the purple pumpkin pet, or the green set that comes with the green pet. On the 28th, these sets will still be available on the store, but without the pet!

Other Fixes

  • Fixed not being able to place cannon in wilderness
  • Western Banners are now equipable
  • Removed the doors at the chaos altar in the wilderness in order to access the altar
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Range and Mage prayer bonus's (rigour, mystic might, etc) from working and buffing damage. They all now work correctly
  • Claiming rewards from the daily chest is now based on your MAC address, not your IP, so multiple people in a household can claim a reward
  • Twisted bow, elder maul, scythe of vitur, kodai wand all now have the correct level requirements
  • Players can now access the Myths Guild thru the barrier after completing Dragon Slayer 2
  • Mythical cape can now be equipped, and the cape will teleport you to the Myths Guild upon use
  • Replaced "Cook 700 Lobsters" hard daily task with Manta Rays. Task should work fine now
  • Temporarily removed New Crystal Bow from all boxes until I can get it working
  • Lumbridge Hard Diary now rewards Quest Cape (needed for Lumbridge Elite Diary)
  • Donator Zone thieving stalls now work correctly
  • Nylocas will no longer respawn during Maiden's fight in Theatre of Blood
  • Fixed the internal prices of twisted bow, scythe of vitur, ghrazi rapier and elysian shield so that they protect over worse items
  • Patched a bug causing black knights to not drop the varrock reputation battle plans
  • Added noted coconut milk/cactus spine to Olivias herb secondaries shop
  • Fixed the price of lantadyme, toadflax and snapdragon in the Myths guild herb store
  • Fixed a bug causing the looting bag to not recognize the new bank area at home

I hope you all enjoy these fixes and they have a positive impact on your gameplay! Looking forward to the upcoming Halloween Events!

Server Update (9/15/20)

Hello everyone! Some good bug fixes in here that I'm sure you all will be excited for!

  • Fixed an issue allowing you to repeat Pentyn's last rep assignment sending you back to Sir Kay
  • All Ironman modes can now access the Falador and Varrock reputation stores
  • Twisted Bow has received a significant buff, as it was not hitting as high as it should
  • Removed the small hover interface when hovering over items that reads "Press ctrl to view stats"
  • Wilderness Agility course XP has been lowered to correctly match progression between courses
  • Alchemical Hydra and Vet'ion pets now correctly transform when using "metamorphis". Pick-up options both fixed as well
  • Earth impling now has the correct level requirement needed to catch
  • You can no longer attack cave krakens with melee, same as osrs
  • Fixed an issue causing players to only receive Angler hats and tops. Will now be able to receive all pieces
  • Patched a bug causing the Falador Reputation gem turn in to only take 1 diamond or ruby instead of 10
  • Ring of Wealth will now automatically pick up Tokkul
  • Fixed Vanguard (CoX) attack animations
  • Fixed a grammatical error on the door leaving Hydra room
  • Patched a bug keeping players from being able to finish Falador Rooftop course
  • Fixed the annoying issue allowing you to walk through the GE area
  • Draynor Rooftop course has bene fixed, no longer takes you to the black void
  • Started adding some of the back-end stuff to prep for upcoming Halloween Events

Hope you all enjoy! Halloween Events will be going live on September 28th!

Agility Guide laps from 1 to 99

I highly recommend doing agility when double xp is on, you have scroll boost xp or the skill bonus is on agility.

This was by far my most gratifying 99 skill archiviement.

First you start it at gnome stronghold. You can get there  using teleport interface -> skilling -> agility

for completing all the course you'll receive 7410xp per lap wich at the beginning seems good and fair.
Your next goal is to reach 52 agility, so you need to do 17 laps.

NOTE:  Varrock rooftop agility course gives 2548xp per lap
            Al-kharid rooftop agility course gives 4598xp per lap
            Seers village rooftop agility course gives 5980xk per lap
            Relleka rooftop agility course gives 6994xp per lap

Once you reach 52 agility, you can go to wilderness agility course, to get there you can teleport to mage bank - pull the lever - and run west or simply talking to grace in gnome agility course and she will teleport you right away.

If you want to reach 99 agility this will be your new home from now.

for completing this course you'll get 14480 xp per lap, wich means it is the best course in the game for you.

From 52 to 99 = you need to do at least 900 laps  on wilderness agility course to reach 99. (easy, right?)    

Server Update (9/10/20)

Hello everyone! Apologies for the delay on this update. This will contain new reputation story lines as well as overall bug fixes. It's not a huge update, but it does have some very important fixes

Reputation Additions

  • Pentyn now has more quest lines available
  • Zeah teleport under City tele's is now changed to Great Kourend. This will teleport you to the Kourend Castle, which is where a new Kebos reputation npc, Councillor Andrews, is located
  • Councillor Andrews will send you over near the outside of Chambers of Xeric to search a cave. This cave is directly west of where you teleport to using the CoX teleport
  • Sir Kay will now send you back to Pentyn to continue Pentyns story line

Other Fixes

  • Galvek Pet has been fixed and now displays correctly
  • All donators (rank $20 donated and up) can now use ::resettask to reset their slayer tasks for free
  • Fixed a bug showing the 'Necrolord Staff' in the Pet Mystery Box
  • Players are now able to use Alchemical Hydra head on regular and imbued slayer helmets to create the Hydra Slayer Helmet
  • Fixed a bug in the Rellekka Rooftop course that sends you to Falador if you fail the jump
  • Fixed a spelling error in the message sent when curing a posion
  • On the voting page, changed the message to match the command in game. No longer says "Use ::claimvotes 1 all"
  • Players now correctly receive a Daily Task Cache when completing all 3 daily tasks and talking to Davey to claim
  • Fixed a bug causing players to be able to repeatedly turn in the green dragon varrock reputation mini quest
  • Also fixed a bug causing the "100 green dragons slain" message to pop up while killing green dragons, even after turning in the quest
  • Fixed a bug causing one of Pentyns mini quest to give no reputation upon completion

I hope you all enjoy these fixes! Kebos Reputation is already almost half-way complete, the next update will finish it up as well as introduce new rewards for that area! Stay tuned

Server Update (9/2/20)

Hello everyone! This update is focused purely on bug fixes and QoL updates. There's a lot in here, so make sure you read all the way through it to see what has been fixed, as most of it positively effects gameplay!

  • Tea stall added in Varrock square (part of Varrock Diary requirement)
  • Anti-venom and Anti-venom++ timers have been reduced to match closer to OSRS
  • Seers rooftop agility course now correctly counts towards Kandarin Hard Diary
  • The shield from "Craft a fremennik shield" in the Fremennik Diary has been replaced with the correct item
  • Players can now use ::soph to teleport to Sophanem to complete part of the Desert Elite Diary
  • Fixed a bug causing players to still receive the "12 goblins killed" message and being able to repetitively turn in that reputation quest
  • Sir Rebral now opens the correct dialogue when speaking to him
  • Furnace is Fishermans Cove is now usable
  • Daily easy task - cutting 100 normal logs - has been fixed and is working correctly
  • Key Master Teleport now correctly teleports you to Cerberus without requiring learning the route
  • Daily task medium - complete 5 rounds of Pest Control - now works correctly
  • Spawned Zamorak Mage in Falador to complete the Falador Diary task of teleporting to the essence mine
  • Added two mithril ore spawns to the crafting guild as part of the Falador Diary requirement
  • Added a gem stall east of the East Falador Bank as part of the Falador Diary requirement
  • Added a Manta Ray fishing spot in the lake inside Falador Park as part of the Falador Diary requirement
  • Daily task easy - use 50 big bones on the altar - has been fixed and is working correctly
  • Fixed a grammatical error in the message sent when Ring of Recoil shatters
  • Gnome Agility Course now correctly gives credit for the daily task assingment
  • Fixed a bug causing the Collection Log to not be able to scroll down far enough in the Boss tab
  • Fixed the Crystal Staff (weapon in The Gauntlet). Now works correctly
  • ::Store now opens up the online donator store, same as ::donate
  • Desert Robes have been added to the Skilling Store
  • Sigmund now has a spawn in Ardougne to easily sell thieving loot to
  • Pentyn now sends a message if the player attempts to speak to him before having the 1,000 Edgeville Rep requirement
  • Added a bank deposit box to the Mining Guild
  • HCIM will now receive a message when entering The Gauntlet warning them that it is not a safe death

Whew, that was a lot. I hope you all enjoy these changes! Thank you all for continuing to be diligent with reporting bugs and making suggestions!

On a quick side note, our September Voting Contest is now underway! The TOP 5 VOTERS for the entire month of September will receive $100 in donator store credits! Looking forward to seeing who comes out on top, every extra vote helps us rise in the top list ranks!

Server Update (8/28/20)

Hello everyone! This is a pretty big update, with most of the content focused around Reputation! If you still don't know what reputation is, here is a brief description:


What is the Reputation System?

  • The Reputation system is a way for the player to earn "Reputation" while completing tasks in certain cities and areas. The more reputation you earn in that area, the better the rewards! The player will start "Neutral" with every area at 0 reputation, becoming 'Friendly', 'Commended', 'Respected', and finally 'Honored'. Each area will have different max levels of reputation to reach. For example, to become 'Honored' with Varrock, you will need to reach 8,000 reputation. You can earn reputation in Varrock by completing all new custom mini-quests around the city, each completion of the Varrock rooftop agility course, killing players in the wilderness north of Varrock, and more. To see how much reputation you have with a certain area, simply click the city/area name in the all new Reputation tab and it will display what your current rep is. 

Reputation Updates

  • Falador Reputation is now live
  • Maximum Reputation is 10,000. Friendly = 2,000 Commended = 4,000 Respected = 6,000 Honored = 8,000
    • Some of the rewards for Falador reputation include a shop you are able to purchase dragon/infernal pickaxes, 50% xp boosts, cannon set, and the Mimic pet from. As well as perks that give noted ore when mining and more. You can speak to Sir Rebral in the White Knights castle courtyard to view the reputation shop!
    • Some of the ways to earn rep around Falador:
      • Speak to the Estate Agent for a mini quest
      • Completing Doric's Quest
      • Speaking to Wayne of the Wayn'es Chains shop (south Falador)
      • Each finished lap of the Falador rooftop course
      • Completing a mini-quest for Herquin in the Falador gem store
      • Killing Giant Moles
      • Completing mini-series quest lines for Nulodion at the dwarf mountain where you buy the cannon on OSRS
      • Speaking to Flynn in the general store
      • 3-4 Mini quest series coming to the white knights castle early next week
    • Giant Moles are now located in the correct Falador Mole Lair. Use the teleport interface to get there, or, click the mole hills in Falador park
    • Dragon Metal Lump drop rate from Rune Dragons has been slightly lowered (this is a repeatable item turn in for Wayne in Falador for rep)
    • Mole Skin (a required reputation item) has been added to Giant Moles drop table

Edgeville Reputation

  • More quest lines have been added to King Arthur
  • You may now start receiving quests from Sir Kay once you have reached 1,000 Edgeville Rep
  • Killing wilderness bosses also awards Edgeville rep
  • Sir Kay will start to send you to Kebos to begin reputation there once you have reached 1,000 rep

Kebos Reputation

  • Main reward from this is a big increase to CoX rare item drop rate increase once you have reached "Respected" with Kebos
  • A new teleport has been added to cities > Kebos Lowlands. This will teleport you directly to the main Kebos quest giver, Pentyn
  • You can earn additional kebos reputation by killing Lizardman Shamans, but the primary way is by doing Pentyns quest lines

Other Fixes

  • Fixed Galvek and Wyrm death animations
  • Fixed torstol seed showing up as 'Torst'
  • Fixed Ultra Mystery Box displaying 'Raid Mystery Box' on the spin interface
  • Added a referral system into the game for new players to help us track where we are gaining most of you from 🙂
  • Fixed the ::home and the home teleport button locations to be closer to the teleport crystal
  • Added all Wyverns and Galvek as "dragons", dragon hunter lance should now work effectively against them
  • Possibly fixed the Justiciar only giving loot to only player, need people to test it out
  • Dicing bag added to the Donator Store

Whew, that was a lot. I hope you all enjoy this update and I hope this gives a better understanding and perks of doing Reputation! It is truly going to be the most rewarding system in the game!

Server Update (8/24/20)

Hello everyone! Decent sized update so let's just get right into it!

  • Fixed one of the easy clue scrolls not working
  • Added "Previous Teleport" right click option to the Teleport Crystal
  • Fixed an issue with Revenant drop tables causing all non-rare drops to have a 1/1 drop rate
  • Lowered the price of Ether and Prayer Potion (4). Both were selling for too high and could be taken advantage of
  • Removed Rune Pouch drop from wilderness npc's. Only obtainable through the Bounty Hunter shop now
  • Fixed a major issue causing players with 1 range not being able to hit at all
  • Fixed an issue causing players to get stuck at beginning of Seers Rooftop Course
  • Added Gertrude west of the West Varrock bank. Talk to her to buy a cat to complete the achievement
  • Fixed clue scroll drop notification colors
  • Aubury now correctly gives the "Teleport to Essence Mine" achievement
  • Shoulder Parrot now equips to the correct item slot and shows correctly
  • Ancestral items now have the correct 75 magic / 75 defense requirements
  • All zenyte jewelry now have the correct 75 hitpoints requirement
  • D'hide shields now have the correct requirements and stats

Donator Zone

  • The donator zone has been finally received its revamp!
  • Rune/Addy/Mith ore and gem rocks added
  • Four magic trees have been added
  • Two additional herb patches have been added
  • Four portals have been added. One teleports you to Godwars with 20 KC, one to CoX, one to ToB, and the last teleports you inside the wilderness resource area
  • Added Rejuvenation pool and teleport crystal
  • Added the GE bank and trading post npc's


I hope you all enjoy! There will be a few more updates coming this week before our advertisement push this weekend!

Check the #announcements channel in discord for the current huge donation deals to help us afford more advertising!

Server Update (8/12/20)

Hello everyone! Today, the brand new Daily Tasks revamp is being introduced to the game! I'm very excited about this update and I know you guys will be as well!

Daily Tasks updates

  • Players will now receive one easy, medium, and hard task each day
  • Tasks will automatically reset every day at 12am server time, whether you finished your tasks or not
  • Only hard tasks will have higher level requirements, such as high level slayer, combat, etc. 
  • Easy and medium tasks are more aimed towards newer/lower level players to help them start leveling/learning the game
  • ALL tasks are working correctly and as intended. If you run into an issue where your task is not increasing, contact a staff member. 
  • Players can now view all of their tasks by doing ::dailytask, which will pop up a new task interface
  • Completing an Easy task awards you with 5 task points, Medium tasks award 10, and Hard tasks award 15
  • If you have completed ALL three tasks before 12am server time, you can speak to 'Davey's Dailies' in the home bank to be rewarded with an additional 5 task points as well as a daily task cache
  • You will no longer have to opt in to daily tasks or choose between pvm/skilling. You can receive new tasks by talking to Davey each day
  • You can spend your Daily Task Points in Davey's shop by right clicking > trading him


  • Scythe of Vitur and Ghrazi Rapier have been added to the Donator Store so that there isn't an imbalance of weapons in the shop

SIDE NOTE: The daily task cache rewards are going to be reworked this week. I had an IRL emergency come up and wanted to get the rest of this update out to you guys. Feel free to hold onto the boxes until I push this update out in the next day or two.

I hope you all enjoy this update as much as I enjoyed creating it! This should create a more fun dynamic for playing each day. Any feedback/concerns, feel free to post here or on discord!

Farming guide

Firstly i'm going to start with some basics about how to farm on Traya, so if you already know feel free to skip ahead to the next section.

1. Find the teleport to the Falador farming plot under teleports>Skilling>Farming and buy 1 rake, seed dibber, watering can,1-4 buckets (personal preference) and any seeds you require.

2. Rake up the herb patches, deposit the weeds in the compost bin and fill your bucket(s) with compost by right clicking the compost bin and selecting the "empty-from" choice.

3. Simply left click on each patch to deposit a bucket of compost on it.

4. Use your seed of choice on each patch and wait until the animation is finished or the seed is gone from your inventory or it will not plant.

5. Water every patch and wait for your reward!


Here are some useful tips and tricks that will come in handy when going for 99 Farming.

1. I STRONGLY recommend saving enough vote points (15) for a pair of magic secateurs as they increase herb yield and reduce the growth time of crops by half! These do not have to be equip to work, only in your inventory.

2. Do Farming and Herblore at the same time as you will very likely need to go back and grow extra herbs for it later if you don't.

3. Once you reach level 70 you can pick from the poison ivy bush (directly next to the plot) every 5 mins for 44k free exp!

4. There is a useful timer on the top right of your chat box that tracks your grow time! however re-logging will make this disappear.

5 The master farmer at the farming plot sells all seed except Snapdragon and Torstols, which can be obtained via pickpocketing the master farmer or through pvm.

             5.1. Pickpocketing the master farming in Draynor 150 times is a requirement for the Lumbridge & Draynor Diary.

6. Picking 56 poison berries is a requirement for the Falador Hard Diary.

7. Harvesting 250 Torstols is a requirement for the Falador Elite Diary 


Finally I have made a list of all the seeds exp per hr including setup time. Note that this list includes a large variance in exp per hr as it is possible to harvest anywhere from 3-10+ herbs per patch.


TL:DR If you're trying to get to 99 as fast as possible use the highest seed possible until you reach Harralanders at lvl 26 and farm these until you reach kwuarms at lvl 56 for the best exp per hr and don't forget about that poison ivy bush and magic secateurs!


If you have any suggestions or feel i have made a mistake feel free to comment them below 🙂



Server Update (8/4/20)

Hello everyone! This is a much needed update that I hope you all enjoy! As always, thank you for all of the bug reports. Each update brings better game play for everyone.

  • Rigour and Augury now save correctly when consuming the prayer scrolls
  • Barrows should now be working correctly
  • Giant Mole teleport information now correctly says it is in the wilderness
  • 'Cleaning Cloth' has been added to the skilling store; Use this on your Rock Golem pet to take it back to original color if you want to change it
  • Fixed dialogue error showing a buggy inferno face while talking to Doric
  • New players will now receive 100k coins with their starter kit instead of 15k
  • Completely Revamped Ultra and Platinum Mystery Boxes. See the new possible loot below!
    • Ultra m boxes will now be $20 and Platinum will be lowered down to $30 (40 previously)!
      • Dexterous Prayer Scroll has been reduced from $35 down to $25. Toxic Blowpipe has been reduced from $50 down to $40

New Ultra Mystery Box Loot

  • Common loot: All barrows box sets (instead of individual pieces), Abyssal whip, Amulet of Fury, Archer Warrior Seers and Berserker Rings (i), Obsidian armor pieces
  • Uncommon loot: Armadyl Zamorak Bandos & Sara Godswords, Bandos Chestpiece, Bandos Tassets, Armadyl Chest, Armadyl Legs, Heavy Ballista
  • Rare loot: Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, Tormented Bracelet, Armadyl Crossbow, Elder Maul, Dragon Claws
  • Very rare loot: Red, yellow, blue, white, purple, green partyhats, Partyhat & specs, Santa hat, 3rd age range coif, top, legs, 3rd age Robe top and bottom, 3rd age melee helm, chest, legs, and longsword

New Platinum Mystery Box Loot

  • Common loot: Armadyl Zamorak Bandos & Sara Godswords, Dragonfire Shield, Abyssal Dagger++, Bandos Chestpiece, Bandos Tassets, Armadyl Chest, Armadyl Legs
  • Uncommon loot: Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, Tormented Bracelet, Armadyl Crossbow, Craws Bow, Elder Maul, Dragon Claws
  • Rare loot: Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Toxic Blowpipe, Justiciar Helm, Chest & Legs
  • Very rare loot: Twisted Bow, Ancestral Hat, Chest & Bottoms, Scythe of Vitur, Kodai Wand, Ghrazi Rapier, Black Partyhat, Black Santa Hat, Rainbow Party hat

I hope you all enjoy this update. Be on the look out for more bug fixes this week and changes to new player experiences!

Server Update (7/31/20)

Hello all. Apologies for the delay on this update. I was working on newer content and then was (thankfully) swarmed with bug reports. All of these patched bugs help the game improve, so thank you to all who continue being diligent in posting bug reports


  • Added rooftops to all the new buildings in Edgeville
  • Bank stalls at the GE now open the bank
  • 'Login' button on the login screen now works correctly when clicked
  • Added Pot of Flour to the skilling store as well as the ironman shop
  • Added eggs to Chickens drop tables (Cooks Assistant is now doable)
  • Justiciar Zachariah now correctly attacks players and also gives loot to all players who dealt 100+ damage
  • When exiting the GE, the items in your inventory will no longer show the 'Offer' buttons from the GE interface.
  • Fixed King Narnodes standing and walking animations
  • Switching protection prayers is much more instantaneous now
  • Upon leaving RFD minigame, it now teleports you out to the correct location
  • Infernal pickaxe no longer requires coal when it automatically smelts mined ore into a bar (upon chance)
  • Removed the rare drop table that randomly gave coins + gems
  • Range damage has been fixed. It now uses the exact same formula that OSRS uses (it takes into account your ranged level as well as your currently equipped range gear bonus). It is now as accurate as can be. I will be doing the same for melee + mage soon.

I hope you all enjoy the fixes and it improves your gameplay experience! I will be continuing to delay new content as I keep working on more bug fixes.

Server Update (7/22/20)

Hello everyone. With today's update, I bring you The Gauntlet, Theatre of Blood, and our all new unique raid, the Crypt of Drakan! I'll leave all the info you need regarding these below.


The Gauntlet

  • Currently only normal, however I will be working on getting the corrupted version out ASAP
  • All rewards are from the same drop tables as OSRS
  • To get there, use Teleports > Minigames > The Gauntlet
  • Reputation will be earned for Priff by completing The Gauntlet eventually, currently gives no rep

Theatre of Blood

  • About 90% same mechanics as OSRS
  • Currently offers same rewards as you get from ToB in OSRS
  • To enter the raid lobby, Teleports > Minigames > Theatre of Blood. Go near the normal entrance and click on the white barrier called "Theatre Lobby" to enter the queue for the raid
  • All ToB rare drops added into the collection log
  • Currently NPCs outside of the ToB entrance do nothing when clicked, however, I will be adding some mini-quests to some of these npc's soon that introduces Morytania rep into the game

Crypt of Drakan

Informants have discovered that Tarn Razorlor, follower of Zaros, has discovered the power of the Salve and intends to extract this power from the crypt of Lord Drakan, a vampyre overlord from Morytania who was thought to have died with the secret of the power of the salve. Tarn will not go down easily, as he summons powerful undead creatures to hold off the adventurers who seek to stop him from obtaining this power.

  • The cave entrance is located near the house that is across the bridge in Edgeville and to the south
  • 2,000 Varrock Reputation is required to enter the raid (Up to 10 players can be in a group)
  • This raid is strictly a combat check (meaning no skilling is required inside). Players will face 4 main bosses, with plenty of powerful trash mobs in between. THIS. RAID. IS. DIFFICULT. Everything inside is aggressive and will agro to you if you are able to see them. Move forward with caution
    • Ulfric Longbeard (First boss) - Has a special attack every 250 health lost. The first attack is an unavoidable cleave that hits every player. Protecting melee will slightly reduce the damage, but not by much. For his second special attack, he summons a few skeleton trash mobs. Take out these adds first. His third special when he reaches low health, he will enrage and gain 250 hp. The enraged version of Ulfric does hit a bit harder, but does have lower defense. Burn him down fast in this phase.
    • Nazastarool (Second boss) - Begins in zombie form, special attack during this phase will completely drain the players prayer if they are not wearing a slayer helmet. During zombie form, he will also do an unavoidable fire aoe attack against all players. Second form (Skeleton) has the same attacks as first form. Third form (Ghost) has a 1/5 chance that each of his attacks will bring rocks down from above and hit the player. Burn this phase as quickly as possible.
    • Treus Dayth (Third boss) - This boss does random attacks throughout the fight. Begin by killing both Shades of Treus that spawn next to him. Mechanics that he does randomly during the fight include - 1/30 chance of using blood blitz and healing himself for 60hp. 1/20 chance of spawning 2 low level skeletons. THESE SKELETONS ARE DANGEROUS, they only have 15hp but will hit the player for up to 60 damage. Kill these as soon as they spawn. 1/10 chance of using a fire aoe that will hit the player for between 1 and 30 damage.
    • Tarn Razorlore (Last boss) - Begins in human form. Uses a either a lightning or a shadow aoe attack against all players every 250 health lost. At 1250 health left he will spawn 4 terror dogs, each with 75 hp. Kill these fast. At 500 health left, Tarn will transform into his ghost form and spawn 4 more terror dogs. His ghost form does not have special attacks, however he does hit hard. Once Tarn is dead, all players will receive a "Key of Drakan", and the Crypt of Drakan (reward chest) will spawn. Players have the chance at receiving the following rare rewards:
      • 15-25m coins
      • Elite Void top or bottom
      • Platinum Mystery Box
      • 1200 Dragon Darts
      • 1,000 Dragon Bones
      • 200 Super Combat Potions
      • Party Hat & Specs
      • Twisted Bow
      • Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood rare item scroll. (Can consume this one time use scroll to improve your chance of receiving a rare reward in CoX or ToB by 50%)
      • Additionally, every player that participates will receive a 30 minute XP boost scroll

I hope you all are as excited as I am about this update! One last thing updated as well: The clipping at the GE stand in center of town as well as the clipping in the edgeville castle has been fixed.


Enjoy everyone