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    • Welcome back Mod Axel!
    • Glad to see we're all back and ready to play.   If you're reading this, then chances are you have no Idea who I am.   I'm Axel, (Anagram for my actual name; -Alex) I've been an active supporting member for the Traya community for the past 2-3 Years. We've had our ups and downs given the recent events where our server had to temporarily close. IRL i'm an Estimator for a local Sheet Metal Fabrication company and have been for over a year. I've also been enlisted in the Army National Guard for the past 8 years. I plan on sticking around for a while however due to obligations in real life I won't be able to play as often as I would like however I will still be an active supporting member of the community.   If you see me in-game and have questions, feel free to ask. I may not always have the answers you're looking for but when I find out I will tell you.   Until later on Salutations, -Axel/Alex (Ingame Moderator)
    • Hello everyone!  Today is a very exciting day, Traya is relaunching today, bringing old friends and adventures back together. A few notes regarding launch and hopefully some answers to FAQ's. Contests First to Max: Normal Gamemode The first player to reach 99 in all skills will receive a $50 donator store credit First to Max: Ironman Modes The first player in each ironman mode (Ironman, Ultimate, and Hardcore) to reach 99 in all skills will receive a $100 donator store credit The first player to reach Honored with Varrock Reputation will receive a $25 donator store credit Other Info Nearly all items in the Donator Store are on sale thru the end of tomorrow to celebrate the launch as well as 4th of July! Two world bosses will not be available on launch as they are being completed. There are 3 that will be available upon launch Content not available on launch day coming in a couple weeks: Theatre of Blood, The Gauntlet, Zalcano. Only Varrock and Edgeville reputation are available on launch day, other cities will be coming next week. Any bugs can be reported on discord in the #report-bugs channel. Any suggestions can be posted here on the forums under the Player Feedback section I'm looking forward to seeing all of you in game today! Thank you as always for supporting Traya!
    • Welcome back Ronan!
    • Heya Traya, nice to see you again! 🙂 The last rendition of the server was a blast. Had loads of fun while enjoying the community and building my account. With all the new content proposed and on the table, I've got high hopes for this version! Feel free to call me Ronan, which is my IRL name. I'm 20 and I live in Ireland. I'm about to start my first year of a TV, Radio and New Media Broadcasting course after doing a year of Journalism. I think I'm in mutual company when I say that Runescape was one of my main childhood games, and RSPS played a pretty big part in it. Looking forward to seeing you all in-game and getting to know the older players again!
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