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  1. Great guide, surely will be very helpful to many players!
  2. Rob

    Server Update (8/5/20)

    Hope to see you around in game!
  3. Rob

    Server Update (8/5/20)

    There's quite a few people who are maxed and have been grinding out BiS gear! We've been open for a month now so people are grinding away
  4. Hello everyone! I wasn't expecting to have another update ready this fast after the last one, but I was able to get more stuff completed than expected. Bugs/general fixes Fixed issue in Pest Control causing players to attack the portals from several squares away and having to click multiple times Lowered the Pest Control boat wait time from one minute down to 20 seconds Increased starter players gold from 15k up to 100k Added one hour of 50% xp increase to new players All iron man modes will now also have an iron scimitar in their starter items The master farmer in Draynor will now have a chance of stunning you when pickpocketing The Gauntlet minigame fixes Players can now fish correctly You can now fill up empty vials with water at the water pump Collecting any resources will now give 1 crystal shard per resource gathered All mini-bosses will now correctly drop their weapon upgrades with 100% drop rate (was 1/5 before) Any resource gathering done will now award 100xp Not a huge update but certainly an impactful one, I hope these changes to these mini games and bugs will help improve all of your game play! On a side note, I think we are at a point where there aren't many bugs left that are affecting gameplay, so I will be moving these updates to once a week (unless needed immediately), normally on Monday evenings. Happy leveling!
  5. Appreciate the feedback and the suggestions! I decided to increase the starter cash from 15k up to 100k, and added 200 mind runes to the starter items. Regular new accounts already receive a shortbow, so I'm curious if some of these suggestions are for ironman accounts or not? I will also be adding new player xp boosts (amount of time the boost lasts TBD). For suggestions like "Rework daily rewards", I ask you to provide very specific changes that you suggest be made to it (Which items should be added/or removed). I also invite you to join our discord if you haven't already!
  6. Hello everyone! This is a much needed update that I hope you all enjoy! As always, thank you for all of the bug reports. Each update brings better game play for everyone. Rigour and Augury now save correctly when consuming the prayer scrolls Barrows should now be working correctly Giant Mole teleport information now correctly says it is in the wilderness 'Cleaning Cloth' has been added to the skilling store; Use this on your Rock Golem pet to take it back to original color if you want to change it Fixed dialogue error showing a buggy inferno face while talking to Doric New players will now receive 100k coins with their starter kit instead of 15k Completely Revamped Ultra and Platinum Mystery Boxes. See the new possible loot below! Ultra m boxes will now be $20 and Platinum will be lowered down to $30 (40 previously)! Dexterous Prayer Scroll has been reduced from $35 down to $25. Toxic Blowpipe has been reduced from $50 down to $40 New Ultra Mystery Box Loot Common loot: All barrows box sets (instead of individual pieces), Abyssal whip, Amulet of Fury, Archer Warrior Seers and Berserker Rings (i), Obsidian armor pieces Uncommon loot: Armadyl Zamorak Bandos & Sara Godswords, Bandos Chestpiece, Bandos Tassets, Armadyl Chest, Armadyl Legs, Heavy Ballista Rare loot: Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, Tormented Bracelet, Armadyl Crossbow, Elder Maul, Dragon Claws Very rare loot: Red, yellow, blue, white, purple, green partyhats, Partyhat & specs, Santa hat, 3rd age range coif, top, legs, 3rd age Robe top and bottom, 3rd age melee helm, chest, legs, and longsword New Platinum Mystery Box Loot Common loot: Armadyl Zamorak Bandos & Sara Godswords, Dragonfire Shield, Abyssal Dagger++, Bandos Chestpiece, Bandos Tassets, Armadyl Chest, Armadyl Legs Uncommon loot: Amulet of Torture, Necklace of Anguish, Tormented Bracelet, Armadyl Crossbow, Craws Bow, Elder Maul, Dragon Claws Rare loot: Dragon Hunter Crossbow, Toxic Blowpipe, Justiciar Helm, Chest & Legs Very rare loot: Twisted Bow, Ancestral Hat, Chest & Bottoms, Scythe of Vitur, Kodai Wand, Ghrazi Rapier, Black Partyhat, Black Santa Hat, Rainbow Party hat I hope you all enjoy this update. Be on the look out for more bug fixes this week and changes to new player experiences!
  7. Welcome to the community, Galaxica! We are happy to have you join us and also look forward to all of our players growing with the server. Happy leveling!
  8. Rob

    Server Update (7/31/20)

    Absolutely. One of my biggest focuses currently is trying to improve new player experiences. Once I get a bit more caught up on some of the bigger bugs, I will be continuing to make improvements for new players. It will be pretty immersive, so long as players pay attention to dialogue and whatnot 😛
  9. Hello all. Apologies for the delay on this update. I was working on newer content and then was (thankfully) swarmed with bug reports. All of these patched bugs help the game improve, so thank you to all who continue being diligent in posting bug reports Added rooftops to all the new buildings in Edgeville Bank stalls at the GE now open the bank 'Login' button on the login screen now works correctly when clicked Added Pot of Flour to the skilling store as well as the ironman shop Added eggs to Chickens drop tables (Cooks Assistant is now doable) Justiciar Zachariah now correctly attacks players and also gives loot to all players who dealt 100+ damage When exiting the GE, the items in your inventory will no longer show the 'Offer' buttons from the GE interface. Fixed King Narnodes standing and walking animations Switching protection prayers is much more instantaneous now Upon leaving RFD minigame, it now teleports you out to the correct location Infernal pickaxe no longer requires coal when it automatically smelts mined ore into a bar (upon chance) Removed the rare drop table that randomly gave coins + gems Range damage has been fixed. It now uses the exact same formula that OSRS uses (it takes into account your ranged level as well as your currently equipped range gear bonus). It is now as accurate as can be. I will be doing the same for melee + mage soon. I hope you all enjoy the fixes and it improves your gameplay experience! I will be continuing to delay new content as I keep working on more bug fixes.
  10. Hello everyone. With today's update, I bring you The Gauntlet, Theatre of Blood, and our all new unique raid, the Crypt of Drakan! I'll leave all the info you need regarding these below. The Gauntlet Currently only normal, however I will be working on getting the corrupted version out ASAP All rewards are from the same drop tables as OSRS To get there, use Teleports > Minigames > The Gauntlet Reputation will be earned for Priff by completing The Gauntlet eventually, currently gives no rep Theatre of Blood About 90% same mechanics as OSRS Currently offers same rewards as you get from ToB in OSRS To enter the raid lobby, Teleports > Minigames > Theatre of Blood. Go near the normal entrance and click on the white barrier called "Theatre Lobby" to enter the queue for the raid All ToB rare drops added into the collection log Currently NPCs outside of the ToB entrance do nothing when clicked, however, I will be adding some mini-quests to some of these npc's soon that introduces Morytania rep into the game Crypt of Drakan Informants have discovered that Tarn Razorlor, follower of Zaros, has discovered the power of the Salve and intends to extract this power from the crypt of Lord Drakan, a vampyre overlord from Morytania who was thought to have died with the secret of the power of the salve. Tarn will not go down easily, as he summons powerful undead creatures to hold off the adventurers who seek to stop him from obtaining this power. The cave entrance is located near the house that is across the bridge in Edgeville and to the south 2,000 Varrock Reputation is required to enter the raid (Up to 10 players can be in a group) This raid is strictly a combat check (meaning no skilling is required inside). Players will face 4 main bosses, with plenty of powerful trash mobs in between. THIS. RAID. IS. DIFFICULT. Everything inside is aggressive and will agro to you if you are able to see them. Move forward with caution Ulfric Longbeard (First boss) - Has a special attack every 250 health lost. The first attack is an unavoidable cleave that hits every player. Protecting melee will slightly reduce the damage, but not by much. For his second special attack, he summons a few skeleton trash mobs. Take out these adds first. His third special when he reaches low health, he will enrage and gain 250 hp. The enraged version of Ulfric does hit a bit harder, but does have lower defense. Burn him down fast in this phase. Nazastarool (Second boss) - Begins in zombie form, special attack during this phase will completely drain the players prayer if they are not wearing a slayer helmet. During zombie form, he will also do an unavoidable fire aoe attack against all players. Second form (Skeleton) has the same attacks as first form. Third form (Ghost) has a 1/5 chance that each of his attacks will bring rocks down from above and hit the player. Burn this phase as quickly as possible. Treus Dayth (Third boss) - This boss does random attacks throughout the fight. Begin by killing both Shades of Treus that spawn next to him. Mechanics that he does randomly during the fight include - 1/30 chance of using blood blitz and healing himself for 60hp. 1/20 chance of spawning 2 low level skeletons. THESE SKELETONS ARE DANGEROUS, they only have 15hp but will hit the player for up to 60 damage. Kill these as soon as they spawn. 1/10 chance of using a fire aoe that will hit the player for between 1 and 30 damage. Tarn Razorlore (Last boss) - Begins in human form. Uses a either a lightning or a shadow aoe attack against all players every 250 health lost. At 1250 health left he will spawn 4 terror dogs, each with 75 hp. Kill these fast. At 500 health left, Tarn will transform into his ghost form and spawn 4 more terror dogs. His ghost form does not have special attacks, however he does hit hard. Once Tarn is dead, all players will receive a "Key of Drakan", and the Crypt of Drakan (reward chest) will spawn. Players have the chance at receiving the following rare rewards: 15-25m coins Elite Void top or bottom Platinum Mystery Box 1200 Dragon Darts 1,000 Dragon Bones 200 Super Combat Potions Party Hat & Specs Twisted Bow Chambers of Xeric or Theatre of Blood rare item scroll. (Can consume this one time use scroll to improve your chance of receiving a rare reward in CoX or ToB by 50%) Additionally, every player that participates will receive a 30 minute XP boost scroll I hope you all are as excited as I am about this update! One last thing updated as well: The clipping at the GE stand in center of town as well as the clipping in the edgeville castle has been fixed. Enjoy everyone
  11. Hello everyone. This weekend, the following content is going to be released: Theatre of Blood (full) The Gauntlet Crypt of Drakan (Raids 3/mini raid) Followed shortly thereafter will be new reputation areas, finishing up the donator zone, and more bug fixes. Once this all goes live, I will post a guide regarding Raid 3 on what to expect via boss mechanics, as this raid will be pretty difficult and require 5-10 players to kill. I hope some of this information excites some of you and encourages you to play more.
  12. Hello everyone! As you know, you all participated in a poll recently decided the future of Edgeville. That poll passed with flying numbers so I have updated the Edgeville map to be a more modern and enticing home area! One of the major new things you'll notice notice is the giant castle to the south of the updated town. This new castle is going to become the new hub for introducing players to the Reputation system, offering quests from the very beginning of your journey with Traya, all the way into end-game content. Right now, only King Arthur offers an introduction to reputation for newer players. Expect to see reputation tasks for all levels coming VERY soon from all npc's in the castle. I hope you all are satisfied with the new Edgeville home area and I do hope this encourages you all to continue playing more often, if there's any feedback suggestions to be made regarding it, please let me know!
  13. Hello everyone. Surprise, more bug fixes for you all. I am finally at a point where I can spend the rest of this week focusing on creating new content rather than putting 100% of my time towards bugs. Expect to see a new reputation come out this weekend-ish with great rewards! Fixed the issue causing the players mini-map and orbs to disappear in the barrows tunnels Made Kree'Arra's minions as well as Spiritual Ranger/Warrior count towards Aviansie slayer tasks Patched a bug that still gave magic XP while clicking city teleports in the wilderness above 20 wild, while having the correct runes in inventory Added lava battlestaff to count as a 'fire staff' for unlimited fire runes Fixed anti-venom+ not giving immunity towards venom. Also, made anti-venom and anti-venom+ have the same immunity timer pop up on screen while in use, similar to the anti-poison on screen icon Made the 'toggle absorption' option on both charged and uncharged bracelets of ethereum work correctly. The ether will now automatically go to your inventory while this option is toggled on. Players can now use defensive spell casts Players who mine the Shooting Star will now receive a 'Stardust Bag' once the star is fully mined. This bag is similar to a mystery box, except it offers mining supplies such as rune ore/bars, dragon/infernal pickaxe, and even a rare chance at the 3rd age pickaxe! Adjusted the amount of coins you get from ancient artifacts from the emblem trader as they were all giving 2x as much gp as they were supposed to I hope all of these fixes help improve your guys gameplay! I'm looking forward to releasing to you all the next city reputation soon!
  14. Hello everyone. I have quite a few fixes here for you guys so let's just jump right in! Fixed daily login reward chest Fixed all wilderness bosses causing the server to DC upon them dying. They all also now correctly give +15 edgeville rep per kill Removed torstol & snapdragon seeds from the farm shop as they are required for a varrock reputation turn in repeatable quest Fixed vorkath zombie spawns 1 shotting players. They now have correct stats per osrs Removed dragon fire attack from Olm Lowered Kree'Arra's attack speed by 1 second Slightly lowered Cerberus's attack and defense stats as they were too high, to match osrs Corrected the 'spawns' stats during Abyssal Sire to match osrs Slightly lowered dark energy cores in Corporeal Beast to match osrs Slightly lowered the distance that rune/addy dragons and Corporeal Beast can attack using melee Fixed ::vote command Fixed ::donate command Nerfed Twisted Bow ranged strength as it was 6x higher than osrs Made runes able to be deposited into the rune pouch by using the runes on the pouch in the inventory Added a teleport to the essence mine via right clicking > teleport on Aubury As always, thank you all who are putting in extra effort by reporting bugs with detailed information. It helps me determine the causes of issues faster and patch them accordingly, in turn creating better gameplay for you all. Keep it up!
  15. I've created a poll to see what the community wants. Feel free to vote here. Needs 75% Yes's to pass https://strawpoll.com/o4ojzuzu9