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Traya is relaunching Saturday July 4th!

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Rob    2

Good afternoon everyone!

I am pleased to announce that Traya will be relaunching this Saturday, July 4th at 2pm EST! I know a handful of you who stuck around the community during downtime have been anticipating reuniting with each other in game and I appreciate all of your loyalty! Let's get right into it.


What's different compared to the old Traya?

  • Theatre of Blood is about 90% complete and will be added within 2-4 weeks of launch
  • The Gauntlet has been added (Corrupted Gauntlet will be coming soon)
  • The Collection Log has been added (Boss loot, Clue Scroll loot, and Minigame loot for now)
  • Zalcano skilling boss (releases soon after launch)
  • All new challenging world bosses with difficult mechanics and better loot
  • Pathing as a whole has been dramatically improved 
  • Brand new Daily Login Rewards chest
  • Unique, and brand new Reputation System (see more regarding this below)
  • Bonus XP scrolls available in the Vote Rewards shop
  • Much, much more

What is the Reputation System?

  • The Reputation system is a way for the player to earn "Reputation" while completing tasks in certain cities and areas. The more reputation you earn in that area, the better the rewards! The player will start "Neutral" with every area at 0 reputation, becoming 'Friendly', 'Commended', 'Respected', and finally 'Honored'. Each area will have different max levels of reputation to reach. For example, to become 'Honored' with Varrock, you will need to reach 8,000 reputation. You can earn reputation in Varrock by completing all new custom mini-quests around the city, each completion of the Varrock rooftop agility course, killing players in the wilderness north of Varrock, and more. To see how much reputation you have with a certain area, simply click the city/area name in the all new Reputation tab and it will display what your current rep is. ***Currently, only Varrock and Edgeville reputation are available right on launch, more will come each week***

Will I be reimbursed for past donations?

  • YES! Everyone who has played Traya in the past and has donated will receive full reimbursement in portions. In order to not ruin the economy right away, and depending on how much you have donated, you will receive a small % each week for the first 3 weeks in order to establish the economy. After the first 3 weeks, you will receive a larger % each week until you have been fully reimbursed. Players who have donated $25 or less will be 100% reimbursed on the first week.
  • Custom donations for BiS items will not be allowed in the new Traya, in order to maintain integrity in the economy. If you wish to custom donate for cosmetic items that are not in the donator store, PM Robert on discord to discuss.

How do I begin Playing?

  • Upon launch on Saturday, all you will need to do is simply go to the website homepage (https://traya-ps.org) and click the Play Now button!

If I missed anything in this post that you may have questions on, feel free to ask on this thread or in the discord! I look forward to seeing you all on Saturday for the rebirth of Traya!

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